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The Image of You (S. Jarrett)

The Milk of Human Kindness (S. Jarrett)

Under the Gun (S. Jarrett)

Softer Times (Carol Alesi and S. Jarrett)

Instead (S. Jarrett)

Without You (E. Doney and S. Jarrett)

Here is  a video of Peter Mugga and myself creating some improvisational music together in the recording studio at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

15 Responses to My Music

  1. Terry Williams

    I am going out of my mind because iTunes doesn’t have this song. Anyone know where I can download “Image of You?” I can’t explain how much I love this song, every time I hear it. Timeless! Powerful! With each listen you hear something different. I have a yearning when I listen.

  2. Joe

    Thank you for all the beautiful music!

  3. Mike

    Why can’t I find your older recordings on Apple Music? I have other CD’s I purchased years ago like “Without Rhyme or Reason”, but it is not on Apple Music. Very strange. I see this with other GRP label musicians. Dave Valentin for example. No ”Kalahari” album??

  4. Tara J

    I’m not from DC, but my fiancee is. He played this song on one of the more romantic nights of our courtship and recalled his childhood hearing this on WHUR….. and this song was playing when he proposed. This song will forever be one of our songs. Thanks for such a gem.

    Is the sheet music available? I’d love to have this played at my wedding.

  5. Lewis Henrie

    Uneventful Lives

  6. Todd Epps

    Having grown up in Maryland, “Image Of You” has been one of my favorite songs since 1980. I can recall listening to WHUR-FM (96.3) and just letting this song take me away into another world. Some say this guy sounds like Kermit The Frog , but I don’t care. It is a beautiful song. The video on You Tube was a very touching tribute to Melvin Lindsay. Stay strong and

  7. lavonia perryman

    Such a beautiful song. When I hear it reminds me of the good times in DC and my friend and colleague Melvin. Thanks for the gift.

  8. jonathan and brianna

    I must brother your music and voice is mind blowing. Keep the hard work and devotion up.


    Jonathan and Brianna

  9. stu kuby

    your music and you are pretty great. I hope your vibe and your setting ring true always.

  10. Roz

    Scott, I’m still loving “Image of You”. Thank You.

  11. Leette

    I live in the Washington DC area and The Image of you is still played rather frequently on the Quiet Storm. I have been trying to find a copy that I could download onto my iPod and low and behold I found your site. Thank you Scott for the free download and also for posting your performances on YouTube. I love this song and it is great to be able to list to it before 7:30PM-THANKS AGAIN

  12. james

    I’ve been visiting record stores for 30 years looking for “the image of you”. No one that I happened across had ever heard of it. I was in high school when I first heard this. I must confess that my search was even more difficult because until now, I never knew the name of the artist. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT FOR POSTING THIS SONG ONLINE. It’s even sweeter that the download is for free. You have a fan for life.

  13. Vonda Sawyet

    Image of You. I love love love this song. Memories of WHUR Quiet Storm.

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